The world is not perfect.  We are not perfect.  And yet, incredible beauty is all around us if we care to take a closer look by releasing our inhibitions and shedding the biases of our clouded minds.  Everyone and everything around us is unique.  We are all mysterious creatures and beings just waiting to have our true beauty unlocked by keen eyes.  That is exactly what my eyes do through the lens of my camera.

My two strongest passions were initially nature and videography.   Gradually, i began to realize that photographic images are able to capture precise unique moments like no videos can. Forces of nature always provide for such fascinating moments.  The first time i captured a human subject against the offerings of nature in a portrait, I was stunned by the chemistry that exists between the two.  I wish everyone can see this chemistry like i do.  I will always ​strive to make this happen.

And then there is travelling.  To most of the people it is a constant dream but to me,  it is an obsession.  Through travelling, i get to observe how nature meets culture. The visual reaction between the two is simply astounding!  With technology on my side,  I truly believe I can get anyone and everyone to see what my eyes can see.  That is my goal in every project entrusted to me.  I will show you "beauty beyond what it seems",  if you will let me.